Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Set

Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Set


Completely invisible when wear in ear canal
Skin and black colors option
Wireless receiver drove by all inductive transmitters

1 Year Warranty (except physical & water damage or due to negligence)

Minimum Oder – 1
Free Shipping

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A Spy Bluetooth Earpiece is wireless receiver used to get secrete assistance where physical mobile communication is not possible. So the Spy Bluetooth earpiece acts as a receiver when connected with a spy Bluetooth transmitter like Hidden Bluetooth Watch, Hidden Bluetooth Pen etc, the wireless sound waves generated from the Bluetooth transmitter are receipted by the spy Bluetooth earpiece and transmitted to a tiny nano speaker in the earpiece. Through which you will be able to hear a clear sound.

Who is it for ?

The spy Bluetooth earpiece is covert secrete listening device intended for law enforcement and all legal agencies which need secrete assistance in a scenario where mobile communication is not possible.

How does it work?

The Spy Bluetooth Earpiece is wireless concealed receiver which fits completely into the ear canal and its totally concealed and undetected. To work with spy Bluetooth earpiece there are 3 important devices involved.

Devices 1. Mobile phone with Bluetooth
Device 2. Spy Bluetooth Earpiece
Device 3. Spy Bluetooth Transmitter (Like Hidden Bluetooth in pen, Bluetooth hidden in watch, Bluetooth hidden in shirt etc)

Step 1.

The Hidden Bluetooth transmitter like pen is firstly connected with the cell phone via Bluetooth and can be kept at an Bluetooth transmitting range of 30 feet.

Step 2.

Place the battery SR416SW which is basically wrist watch battery used to drive power to the Earpiece.

Step 3.

The wireless transmitter will be in the pocket like a normal pen and pickup all the communication from the cell phone and transmit it wirelessly to the earpiece.

Note: The Spy Bluetooth earpiece is not connected to the cell phone directly. It requires Spy Bluetooth Transmitter to work functionally.

How to Order ?

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How to claim Warranty & Service

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If your pincode is not within our reverse pickup coverage, you will have to arrange for delivery of faulty item by local courier at your expenses on the given address

Note:- Reverse pickup and delivery service is free of cost within warranty, if any physical damages to the product will attract charges accordingly, which will be informed to you prior to service.

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