Spy GSM Mini ATM Card Dual Sim with Spy Earpiece

Features of Spy GSM Mini ATM Card Dual Sim with Spy Earpiece

• Two Different Sim Cards Can be used
• Slim in thickness & small in Size than old ATM Cards
• 850mah External battery
• Single On/Off Button
• Auto Answer Configured for incoming calls
• 42 db high gain microphone to transfer smallest of the small whispers
• Spy Double Sim GSM Box has range of upto 50cm to earpiece
• Double Sim GSM Box has software based sound processing
• 5 hrs talking time

1 Year Warranty (except physical & water damage or due to negligence)

Minimum Oder – 1
Free Shipping

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Description of Spy GSM Mini ATM Card Dual Sim with Spy Earpiece

With much smaller in length, width & thickness than old ATM Cards, the spy double sim gsm mini atm card is the industries one of the most successful and reliable gsm box in the current market, due to its proprietary software built by us. The Dual sim gsm mini atm card is made to eliminate the drawbacks of previous versions of GSM ATM Cards, which had network issues, many of the network had poor coverage in many areas, which made it difficult to use, also size was the big concern. The new generation Dual Sim GSM Mini ATM card is fully updated and accommodates two different sim cards in single device, if one is not reachable due to poor network, the other sim card is always on the standby. The Dual Sim GSM Mini ATM Card is the only device which is completely based on software based sound processing, which provides excellent voice clarity than any other models, having 4-5 hrs of talktime backup, and range from Dual GSM Mini ATM to earpiece is upto 50cm.

Working Principle of Spy GSM Mini ATM Card Dual Sim with Spy Earpiece

The Spy Dual Sim GSM Mini ATM Card with Spy Earpiece is the industries most advanced model providing feature of using two different sim cards in one device, the device is driven by software based sound processing, providing excellent voice clarity , the incoming call gets auto answered leaving the user fully safe and secure. ( Note:- During call any other incoming call is shown not reachable)
• Two way covert communication via mobile phone networks
• Optimized inductive coil creates strong power for Spy earpiece
• Fully Automated
• Around 5 hours talking time, or 48 hours Standby time
Note;- Jio SIM card Wont work in this device

How to use Spy GSM Mini ATM Card Dual Sim with Spy Earpiece

Step1. First of all prepare your Spy Dual Sim GSM Mini ATM Card by inserting a active GSM Nano Sim card, either one sim card or two sim cards can be used. (The Device should be powered OFF before inserting SIM card to get network).

Step2. Insert the battery into the holder and Power ON the Spy Dual Sim GSM Mini ATM Card by pressing the power button for 3 Sec, a white glows near the charging port for 1 sec and goes off. allow 1 minute of time to get the GSM network.

Step3. Place the Double Sim GSM Mini ATM Card in the maximum range of 40-50cm, some where near upper body to get optimum sound and microphone range.
Step4. Insert the Battery SR416SW into the Spy Earpiece, and place it into the ear (Note- Once battery is placed into the Spy Earpiece the backup will be 4-5 hrs, irrespective of usage of Spy Earpiece.

Step5. Hurrah that is it, any incoming call on your GSM Sim card will be auto answered and you can start listening to your partner. The 42db high gain microphone will allow your smallest whispers to be transmitted to your partner, through Dual Sim GSM Mini ATM Card.

Features of Spy GSM Mini ATM Card Dual Sim with Spy Earpiece

• Single On/Off Button
• Smaller in length, width & thickness than old ATM Cards
• 850mah External Battery
• Industries most advanced model
• Spy Dual Sim GSM Mini ATM Card has dual sim capability providing reliable network connection.
• Auto Answer
• Connects with Spy Earpiece with range of upto 50cm
• Software Based sound processing providing excellent voice clarity
• 42 db high Gain Microphone to transfer smallest of the small whispers
• Built-in induction
• 5hrs hrs talking time

How to Charge Spy GSM Mini ATM Card Double Sim with Spy Earpiece

• Spy Dual Sim GSM Mini ATM Card uses 5v 1000ma charger to charge the device (Do Not Try to Charge it with Modern Android Fast Chargers) Use the charger one provided with the set
• Device can be charged with or without Sim Card
• Once connected to the charger there will be white light only 1 second and then goes off.
• Charging needs to be done maximum of 1.5hrs.
• Note- Full Charge indicator is not available on the device, so charge only for specified time to avoid damage to battery
• In case of 0% Drained Battery, approximate charging time is around 1.5hrs

How to Order ?

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How to claim Warranty & Service

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Note:- Reverse pickup and delivery service is free of cost within warranty, if any physical damages to the product will attract charges accordingly, which will be informed to you prior to service.

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